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We build apps to help companies to reach their highest performance and achieve their goals.

You have your way of work


Internal apps can be highly beneficial for businesses to manage their operations, improve efficiency and productivity, and optimize their workflow.

Internal apps can provide a centralized platform for employees to communicate with each other, share information, and collaborate on projects in real time. This can help to streamline communication and reduce the likelihood of miscommunications or delays.

Manage your tasks more efficiently by providing a platform for employees to assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate on projects. This can help to ensure that tasks are completed on time and to a high standard.

When you build your app you can customize it to to fit the specific needs of the business and its operations. This means that businesses can create a tailored solution that best fits their unique requirements and preferences.

Improve the overall productivity of your company by providing employees with tools and resources to complete tasks more efficiently. This can result in a more streamlined workflow, reduced errors, and increased output.

Why have your own app?

Data is the most powerful tool for managing and growing a business



A study by IBM found that companies that use management apps experienced a 15% increase in productivity.


According to a survey by Clutch, 61% of small businesses that use management apps believe that they have improved their customer experience.


A report by Aberdeen Group found that companies that use management apps saw a 22% reduction in operating costs.


A study by Oxford Economics found that businesses that use mobile apps experienced an average increase in revenue of 13.2%.

How we work



The design process is focused on developing the visual elements that will compose the solution we are building, which is not just making it look good but also easy and intuitive to use.


A report by Aberdeen Group found that companies that use management apps saw a 22% reduction in operating costs.


Here is where the functionalities of the app comes to live, we develop the algorithms and worflows that will transform your work process into automated workflows.


APIs are the best way to bring more power to an app using already stablished services to help build the functionalities needed.


Test, test and test again.
By testing the app we can define the usability and interaction of each feature to make sure we are having the proper results.


With no code launching an app is as easy as clicking a butom we just need to set up a domain and deploy the app live no need for implementation.

How we do

What we use to make it better



What can we build?



A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a software application that helps businesses manage their interactions with customers, clients, and prospects.


An ERP, or enterprise resource planning system, is a software application that helps businesses manage their core operations and processes, including finance, accounting, human resources, inventory, and supply chain management.


A project management app is a software application that helps teams to plan, organize, and execute projects more effectively.


A HR app, or human resources app, is a software application that helps businesses to manage their human resources functions, including recruiting, onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement.


Recent work



This CRM was already very large when we first started, full of features and modules to handle the process of almost all segments of the company.
So our job was to keep building the modules and help improve the platform to provide more value for the team.
Not just the architecture was already in place but Demium is a very successful company with teams all over the world and a strong workflow, so we had to manage the expectations from all teams for every new module.


The website was already built and the product was almost done so we had to create a user experience based on their knowledge and client feedback.
After learning that Ramba already has a very clear vision about the product and the UX we focus on the technical side of the process, building the process from front-end to back-end using API integrations to automate the business process and make the digital process an asset to the business as a hole.
The platform also has an admin dashboard to handle data and the numbers from plans, customers, and more.


The client had a very complex and complete process built using their years of experience and joined knowledge to calculate the estimates for cost and time.
Our main goal was to work together with the client to translate this process from a spreadsheet to a no-code algorithm.
We used the object-oriented architecture adapted to the no-code platform Bubble.
Everything was custom-built to achieve the client's high expectations and build the best user experience for all sides.

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