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About project.

Demium have a very large and complex CRM to handle all important data.

We join the team to handle the technical part of building new modules to the existing workflow using their own data and development architecture. 

Our challenge 

This CRM was already very large when we first started, full of features and modules to handle the process of almost all segments of the company.

So our job was keep building the modules and help improving the platform to provide more value for the team.

Not just the architecture was already in place but Demium is a very successful company with teams allover the world and a strong workflow, so we had to manage the expectations from all teams for every new module.  

Tool Box

Like most of apps we work with, this CRM is built in Bubble so we were able to start building right away.

Along with Bubble we connected to their Django database and Google Workspace Tools using the API Connector.


The Result

The process was very smoothly because the platform was already built and using very flexible and reliable architecture.

So the result is a more complete tool for Demium team that will help than work faster and proficiently, using the integrations and new modules to improve their already strong workflow.

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