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dtls is an architecture firm from New York with a dedicated approach to collaboration. 


Mark Bearak


"Our partnership went smoothly."

About project.

This app is a cost estimate tool built to help dtls clients to have an estimate for their renovation project.

The client go through a very smooth and well guided process, answering questions about the size of the place to be renovated,  the size of each room, ability to choose the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and the items to be added or relocated at the project.

After the process the client can receive a complete document describing the items selected and the estimates of cost and time.

Our challenge 

The client had a very complex and complete process built using their years of experience and joined knowledge to calculate the estimates for cost and time.

Our main goal was work together with the client to translate this process from a spreadsheet to a no code algorithm.

We used the object oriented architecture adapted to the no code platform Bubble.

Everything was custom built to achieve the clients high expectations and build the best user experience for all the sides.

Along with the cost estimate tool we also built a admin panel so the client can change the numbers of every so the client have full control of the cost and time for all steps of the estimate.

Tool Box

Starting from the basics we used a Google Sheet to edit the client document with the numbers for each step.

For design we choose Figma so we were able to collaborate to build the best looking UI/UX.

To develop the app of course our specialty,, this tool is the more flexible and fast tool to develop a totally custom app without code.

The app was embed to client website that was built in Squarespace.


The Result

Our client is very satisfied with the precision of the calculation for every item and step of their renovations services. 

With the fast development of no code, the evolution from prototype to final project provided the possibility of delivery the best result.

The app blends with the website perfectly following the UI design and the client branding and mood.

After 5 weeks of development the result was the best user experience together with the best calculation workflows we ever built.


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