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Ramba is a dental savings club to the modern workforce.


About project.

Ramba was already in business when we join there journey, so our goal was to automate the process of getting clients data and receiving payments trough the platform.

We together with Ramba CEO built the path customers would take to subscribe to Ramba savings club.

Our challenge 

The website was already built and the product was almost done so we had to create a user experience based on their knowledge and client feedback.

After learning that Ramba already  a very clear vision about the product and the UX we focus on the technical side of the process, building the process from front-end to back-end using API integrations to automate the business process and make the digital process a asset to the business as a hole.

To improve the user experience we built a feature to help users to access their member IDs, access their info, send referrals and review Ramba services. 

The platform also have a admin dashboard to handle data and the numbers from plans, customer and more.

Tool Box

The website was already built in our preferred tool Bubble so the process was easier to implement.

We used the API Connector from Bubble to integrate the necessaire APIs from HubSpot and Stripe initially.

Than Ramba signed a deal with one of the biggest networks at the dental space so we manage to integrate with their API to manage subscriptions from Ramba to this third part API partner.


The Result

The final product was a totally automated purchase process where clients can signup to Ramba plans directly at the platform.

Data is integrated to the company workflow from CRM to payment process and third part partners.

That way Ramba cam worry about the business without having to increase the amount of work to handle basic tasks.


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