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If you have a small business and need a website ready to get started in the digital world but have no idea how to get started, Site123 is the right tool for you.


Site123 is a simple and effective platform when it comes to building a website that delivers all the information your customer needs to know your company and make a decision. With Site123 anyone can build a website in no time and bring their small business or personal portfolio to the digital world.

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Site123 has numerous features, all with a very specific focus, helping small businesses launch their website in record time. Although it seems that we have already seen these features in several other web builders here at Site123 everything is presented and connected in such a simple and fluid way that it is not confusing even for beginners.

  • Responsive Design

  • SEO Optmized

  • Blog

  • Ecommerce Tools

  • Schedule Booking

  • Multilingual Website

  • Events

  • Reservations

  • Payments

  • Hosting

  • Templates

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Site123 editor.jpg

The Site123 editor is extremely simple to use, this is where the fluidity of the user experience is really highlighted, you can edit texts with just a few clicks, change the banner templates keeping the information, adding elements all in a very simple and agile way, allowing the construction of any website in a very short time.


The editor is divided into 2 editing menus, first the edits and additions menu of the elements already added to the page that are in the elements' own bands and the second menu at the top where you control pages, theme and site settings.


Here in plugins is where Site123 stands out from some other web builders, there is a very large range of plugins for you to add to your site some that you have never seen in any other web builder and you still have the possibility to add your own. plugin with custom code, this is a differential.


Its plugins are divided into 4 categories, Analytics Tools, Live Support Chat, Marketing Tools and Webmaster Tools, among them we have Pinterest for Business, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics among others that focus on helping business owners manage and optimize their business to let them grow and develop.

Site123 plugins.jpg


Site123 pricing.jpg

As simplicity is the main differential of Site123 here, the plans could not be different, if you choose this platform you can choose between 4 plans, starting with the Basic plan for $7.80 per month for simple sites that do not require a lot of broadband storage, even$56.25 on PLATINUM plan for more robust sites that need a lot of storage (1000G) and receive a lot of traffic.


What may bother you a little is the fact that e-commerce is only released from the PROFESSIONAL plan which is the third most expensive at $19.80 per month, other web builders offer e-commerce from the first plan. basic or starting on a plan above that does not go up to $19.80.


Site123 Host.jpg

With Site123, hosting is as usual something that we have nothing to complain about, as the speed and reliability keep the market standard, also offering free SSL certificate, privacy protection and even a good backup system.


You can add a domain that you already own or you can choose a new domain through Site123 itself, and by contracting any paid plan you get 1 year of free domain.

Pros & Cons

Editing Simplicity

Many Integrations

Large Number of Templates

Multilingual Website

Small Design Flexibility

My Opinion

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If you really don't have any knowledge in building websites with web builders, Site123 can be the perfect platform for you as it really stands out for its ease of use and speed of development.


If you are a web designer or someone who already has some knowledge of website development, Site123's simplicity may bother you a little, in this tool you won't be able to apply very elaborate designs or apply ideas that are too non-standard for a website that offers products or services.

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