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Squarespace is the cool friend of the world of web builders, arrived with the proposal of being the tool that would bring professional design to the websites of small businesses and professionals, and fulfilled the promise.


Adding the flexibility of a web builder with an incredible number of features that you would only have access to using a programming language, Squarespace delivers a complete tool with several integrations, HTML customization and several features that focus on helping businesses to sell more.

Squarespace main page.jpg


When it comes to features Squarespace is no joke, it goes beyond what other web builders offer and develops out of the box features like the app for you to edit your website on your mobile.

  • Simple Editor

  • Templates

  • Members Area

  • Ecommerce

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Website Analytics

  • Blog

  • Payments

  • Extensions

  • SEO Optimized

  • Email Marketing 

  • Pre Built Systems

Features Squarespace.jpg
  • Logo Makers

  • Sell ​​Anything Feature

  • Hosting


Squarespace editor.jpg

The Squarespace Editor has an extremely clean design, which helps a lot if you have no experience with creating sites or needs agility in development, compared to other editors of others Web builder Squarespace is a little more limited when it comes to controlling the positioning of elements which does not interfere much if you are a business owner and want to develop a website for your company.


The editor divides into 3 main parts.


The start where you browse through all the features that can be edited and added to the site and the configuration and analysis tools.


The dashboard of each feature, for example the ecommerce dashboard where you can manage orders, inventory, customers or the design where you have access to your website's visual editing tools.


And of course the Design editor itself, which will be where you edit, add or delete elements on your website.


If you just want a simple website you won't have difficulties in developing it quickly but if you want to add features like ecommerce or scheduling visits then you can have a little more work and will need to learn a lot about the Squarespace platform.


In squarespace the plugins are called extensions, divided into 4 categories, Shipping and Logistics, Finance, Inventory and Products and Sales and Marketing, in these extensions you can find the Mailchimp extension, Quickbooks among others, free and paid solutions.


The connection of these extensions is very simple, with just a few clicks any extension is available immediately, remembering that in the case of extensions that were not developed by Squarespace you will have to login to the developer platform of the extension you want to connect to yours. site.

Squarespace plugins.jpg


squarespace pricing.jpg

At Squarespace you can choose between 4 well-defined plans with very different purposes from the Personal plan for you to create your portfolio, personal website or a website for a small business for $12 a month, to the advanced commerce plan for those who want something more complete for the trifle of $40 per month.


The values ​​are within the market standards and the fact that there are only 4 plans helps when choosing which is the best for your business.


Squarespace Domain.jpg

Following the standard Squarespace offers direct hosting on the platform to ensure service efficiency, by purchasing a premium plan you get a free domain for the first year, after this period the annual cost can vary between $20 and $70.The hosting also offers SSL security and WHOIS Privacy which is offered free of charge with the hosting.


You can also purchase personalized email directly from Squarespace through its partnership with Google Workspace and if you need you can also move your domain to another platform at no cost.

Pros & Cons

Good Editor Division

Simplicity with Efficiency

Multiple Features for Sale

Enterprise Control Systems

Easy to Edit Templates

Design Editing Not Beginner Friendly 

Few Extensions/Plugins

My Opinion

foto perfil.jpg

No wonder Squarespace is the darling of the popular crowd, the platform has a very clean and modern design and its content structure helps a lot in the fluidity of the development of a website. 


I believe that the design editing ends up being somewhat limited and I believe that for a reason that can be noble, the less someone who is not knowledgeable in design changes the template pattern, the better the design will be, so I think a certain limitation is correct. so that the user doesn't end up creating a Frankestein.


In short, if you don't want to have the slightest work in thinking about the design of your website and still have a website with a beautiful and professional design, Squarespace is the right tool for you.

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