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If you like design that's the right tool for you, Webflow give the power of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to designers without the tecncal knowloge, that way you can have total control of the structure and functionality without writing a single line of code.

The focus of Webflow is help the user build a beautiful desing making a lot easy to manage the content add interactions and animations so the whole website gives the sensation of a fully customized expirience.

Webflow was built to designers so is powerfull tool to build websites to medium and big companies.


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Webflow is a designer focus tool, so all the features are primary focus on the development of the design, everything was thought to make your website looks good.

  • Custom Coding

  • Element Interactions

  • Animations

  • CMS

  • Ecommerce

  • Responsive Design

  • Optimize SEO

  • Hosting

  • Code Exporting

  • HTML, CSS, Javascrip Control

  • Buy and Sell Templates

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webflow editor.jpg

If you have a minimal knowloge of HTML and CSS you will have no problem to use the Webflow's editor, but if you are just a business owner trying to build a website for your business you will strugle a little bit.

Like the whole idea of a tool for designers and webdesigers the editor is also built to match the needs of these kind of people, so the workflow of the editor follow the same pattern of the coding workflow, with the grids, containers and height, width controls.

But with some youtube videos and a couple of trying and error you can build a website on Webflow even if you never built anything like that before.

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Webflow menu lateral 2.jpg

The Editor tools are divided in basicly 2 sections.

One in the left side to add elements, manage the structure and content and in the right side we have the control for the element we are editing.

Plugins & Integrations

Webflow allows you to integrate with all the big tools on the market, Social Media, Marketing Tools and anything you need to give life to your website.

But is not that easy, if you are a bigner you maybe find some dificulties to integrate some tools, thats why Webflow have a complete catalog of tutorials to help you do it.

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Webflow site plans.jpg
Webflow eccom plans.jpg
Webflow team plans.jpg
Webflow account plans.jpg

Webflow has a very large number of plans and prices, starting at $12 in the Basic plan and reaching values ​​on request for large companies that need a more robust solution. 


You can even start with a free plan but your site will not be white label and will have the Webflow logo indicating that the platform was used to create this site and the domain will not be customized, you will have a domain like this https://yourname , not to mention the limitation of creating pages and visits to the site. If you want something professional you will have to pay for it, but I consider it a fair price for the platform delivers.


Webflow host.jpg

As usual, webflow already offers in its paid plans the hosting of the site, this is actually something very good because the sites created end up being quite heavy, the Webflow's own hosting ends up being very fast and reliable, even if compared to other companies specializing in hosting.


Webflow uses the AWS hosting service (of course), and that's what guarantees the speed of loading even on the heaviest sites and with more than 4 billion pages loaded per month it can be said that so far they have proven their efficiency in this regard .


In Webflow you can do the entire process of purchasing and installing the domain through the platform itself, this makes life much easier for those who have tight deadlines to launch their website.

Pros & Cons

Total design control

Interactions and Animations

Hosting speed 

Large number of integrations

Responsive Design

Complex Editor for beginners

My Opinion

foto perfil.jpg

If you are a web designer who wants to develop your projects faster or if you are a UI Designer who wants to develop your own projects instead of handing over to a Web developer Webflow it's the right tool for you.


Surely this type of tool is the future as more and more companies need to find different ways to differentiate themselves in the eyes of their customers and Webflow transforms a simple website into a branding experience.


But if you are a business owner and you don't have any previous experience with creating websites you may have some difficulties to create your website in Webflow, for sure the learning curve is a little higher compared to others web builders, but if you are willing to dedicate yourself to have an amazing site that will last for many years, it's worth thinking about giving Webflow a chance.

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