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With  want's a all in one platform to build a website thats the perfect choise for you. You can build a Website for any type of business including online stores. You can build a website in just a few minutes using the Wix's Artificial Design Ingelligence or a full customize website on a easy to leran editor that basicly uses drag and drop elements to help you build a website that fits to your business.

You can chose from a 500 template inventorie built by the best designers and than you can have a beautifull website with your logo and your info with a good looking design build by professionals without even have to strugle.

Using wix you can just take car of your business and leave the hard work of maintain a website with then.



Wix is the best choise with your looking for a all in one platform to build a presence for your business on the internet, because Wix have a large toolbox of features to help you build your own website.

It doesn't matter if you never built a website before or if you don't even know how to use a computer properly, with Wix you can build your website in just 1 day.

  • Intuitive Website Builder

  • 100s of Designer-Made Templates

  • Customizable Designs

  • Free and Reliable Hosting

  • Optimized Mobile View

  • One-Pagers

  • Drag n’ Drop Website Editor

  • Image Editor

  • Text Editor & Free Fonts

  • Add and Organize Pages

  • HTML Embed Code

  • Page Protection

  • One URL for website & mobile site

  • Easy-to-add blog

  • Logo builder

  • Apps and Plugins

  • Facebook comments

  • Social Feed

  • Automatic blog styling

  • Social Buttons (Google+, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)

  • Wix App Market

  • Online Store

  • Email Marketing

  • Display Events

  • Live Chat

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Contact Manager

  • Personalized Google Mailbox

  • Financial Tools

  • Marketing Tools

  • Communication Tools

  • Site Analytics – Google Analytics



The Wix Editor is very simple and easy to use, anyone can build a website in just one day even if you never did it before.

The lateral menu is divided by 9 tabs: 

Add : is where you choose the elements to add to your site, texts, images, box and everything else.

Pages: You can manage all the pages of your website.

Theme Manager: In this tab you can change the colors and fonts of your site.

Background: Change the background of the page.

Add Apps: The Wix App Marketplace where you can find apps to add in to your website.

My Business: In this tab you can manage all the Wix features of your website like Wix Store, Blog, Events, Payments and everythign else.

Media: See all the images and videos of your site and upload new ones.

Content Manager: Manage and Add all the dynamic contents of your site.

Ascend Busines Tools: Manage all the Ascend Tools like Email, SEO, Cupons and more.

Wix Lateral Menu.jpg


Wix have a lot of integrations with marketing platforms, shipping and more, basicly everything you need you can integrate to your Wix site with just a few clicks.

You can integrate your Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, ShipStations, Mailchimp and dozens of other platforms.




On Wix we have the Wix App Market, is a place where you can find plugins built by Wix or other companies to add features to your site.

You can find plugins to Marketing, ​Sell Online, Services & Events, Media & Content, Design Elements and Communication all you need to make your website looks more professional.


Wix is not the cheapest choise on the market but is definely the best cost-benefit if you want a webbuilder that is easy to use and full of features.

The price starts from $4.50 per month to $24.50 it all depends of what you need to your website.


When you start with a free plan your website will have a wix domain like this

Once you upgrade to a paid plan you can choose a domain, all the paid plans from Combo to VIP gives you a free domain .com to choose or if you already have a domain you can connect to your site and use your free domain another time.

Step-9-Plans-1024x693 (1).png

At all plans the hosting is already included so you basicly pay to publish your site with your domain and without any advertising from Wix.

Pros & Cons

Free Account

Full Customization

Code Access

Constantly Updates

Mobile Design

Plugins and Integrations

Slow Page Load

My Opinion

foto perfil.jpg

For me Wix is the best webbuilder for web development to business owners, because you can do everything by your own using a free template and edit anytime you need. If you want to start other website from scratch you can change your premium plan to any site you own.

Wix have a big ammount of plugins so you can add any feature you want to your website, you can integrate to basicly all the biggest marketing tools that exists and Wix have inbuilt features like Online Stores, Booking, Blogs, Dynamic Content and more.

You can even design your logo for free, you can create posts to your social media, images and videos.

You have everything you need, thats why this is my favorite tool to build websites for small business.

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